Tips for Transforming a Basement into a Playground

Unfortunately, a lot of people leave the basement unused. This is a shame considering how much potential this area actually has. If you have children, make the best use out of the basement by transforming it into a playground for the small ones to play in. In case you want to make this transformation, continue to read this article to get some great tips on what you must do.
Tips for Transforming a Basement into a Playground Picture

Soft surfaces

In case the flooring in the basement is concrete or hardwood, you must cover it with carpet squares to provide a cushioned surface for the small ones. This way they will sit and play comfortably. Also, you can use area rugs. They are easier to clean, requiring only regular vacuuming. As floor seating, you can position oversized pillows for the small ones to have on what to sit when they play.

Wall decor

Instead of investing in wall hangings and other artwork to decorate the basement playground, paint the walls white and let the small ones draw on them whatever they want. This way, you will give them a fun activity to do, and they will give the playground a personal touch, making it more pleasant for them to be in it. Also, you could designate a corner of the playground space as a video viewing area. This way, the small ones will be able to watch their favorite movies whenever they want.

Ensure proper humidity with the Friedrich D70BP dehumidifier

Last but not least, you must ensure proper humidity levels in the basement if you want to make it a playground for the small ones. High humidity is the perfect growing ground for mold, which is hazardous to the children’s health. Therefore, use the Friedrich D70BP dehumidifier to ensure proper humidity in the basement playground. To purchase it you have to spend about $200, but if you read this Friedrich D70BP review, you will see that this unit is worth every cent. The main reason why we recommend this dehumidifier is that it removes up to 70 pints of moisture over a 24-hour period. In addition, it can handle removing the moisture from an area as large as 3800 square feet. This makes it ideal for a large and humid space like the basement.

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