Tips for Getting a Baby to Sleep

Are you mother for the first time and the pressure of having a “good kid” who sleeps all night seems unbearable? You should know this will become easier if you are using some tips for getting a baby to sleep.
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The sound machine

If you are desperate for a good night’s sleep, a sound machine, and a pacifier may be just the perfect things to help your baby snooze longer. These sleep machines use white noises and ocean sounds which will bring your baby to a dreamland. You must know that babies love white noise. Usually, babies become stressed when they’re tired and this white noise reduces stress in babies. If your baby is crying, try to use a sound machine to calm them even if that is louder that the crying.
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Use light strategically

It’s important to teach your baby when it is daytime and when it is nighttime. You should keep your baby’s nights dark and their days bright. This way they will figure out when it’s time to sleep. During the day, you must put your baby to sleep in a well-lit room, or you can take them outside. On the other hand, to induce nighttime sleepiness, think about installing dimmers on the lights in your baby’s room. This way you will create a diffuse light which will help the baby fall asleep. If your baby wakes up during the night, avoid turning on the lights because this change from dark to light tells his brain that it is time to get up. Try to get them back to sleep in their dark room.

Avoid eye contact

Many people don’t know about this trick, but babies are easily simulated by visual factors. Parents who make eye contact with their sleepy babies engage their attentions and encourage them to snap out of their sleep zone. If you interact more with the baby during the night their heart rate speeds up, their blood pressure rises, they will become more awake and they will feel more motivated to get up. You may wonder what to do instead. Well, you can talk excitedly with them, belt out a song or rub their back with a quiet voice and gentle touch.
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Regulate the temperature

You can help your baby sleep better by keeping the temperature in his room between 65 to 74⁰F Your baby shouldn’t feel too hot or too cold. To avoid a high temperature you can place an electric fan in his room or a thermostat that you can control. If you use an electric fan, make sure it’s far away from your baby’s cot.