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The Foundation of a Happy Marriage

Everybody knows that a happy marriage is one of the greatest blessings we can enjoy. Staying or falling in love with your partner is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you. Nowadays, marriage has changed and it has become more independent. Couples don’t need each other for many things as they did once. There are many principles that can help you build a solid marital foundation. We have gathered for you some of those key principles.
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The hardest things for the foundation of a happy marriage are commitment and trust. Moreover, commitment isn’t very common in our culture, because our society emphasizes mobility and personal freedom. The idea of giving loyalty to a relationship makes a lot of people feel trapped. Commitment and love mean putting your partner’s needs above your own. You must work constantly to become ”beloved friends”. This is the main responsibility for a husband and wife and the most important task of a marriage. It is very important to try hard enough and not to give up your marriage because love is not a happening. You must understand that it’s necessary to work at being lovers if you want to repair a damaged marriage or to improve an average one.


Whether it is related to a marriage or just a relationship, communication is very important. The kind of communication that everyone wants in their marriage isn’t just exchanging information. It’s sharing love, hurts, feelings, and joys. For many couples spending time enjoying each other is a big secret. That’s why most marriage problems are the result of a wife and a husband not spending enough time together. Some specialists make it clear that women have their linguistic abilities more developed than men. Usually, women express their feelings and thoughts better than men who have the inability to reveal their feelings.
The Foundation of a Happy Marriage Picture

Develop love and intimacy rituals

It’s important to know how to develop love for your partner. If you think about developing some rituals with your husband, this is a good idea, because intimacy rituals and love give vitality to a marriage. Try different things every day, surprise him when he returns from work, smile, laugh and express how wonderful it is to see him. You must also know that intimacy is very important in a marriage.
Don’t wait for it to happen and schedule it. You will be more motivated to enjoy your time together. Try new things, such as new experiences, or tell him all of your fantasies, and boredom will not be a problem in your bedroom.