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Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and special time in a woman’s life. If you are pregnant during summer, then you must make sure you create a very comfortable indoor environment in your home, where you can just relax, without feeling sick due to the heat. For further information, take a look at the following summer pregnancy survival tips.

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A tower fan should not miss

An AC conditioning can be very expensive, and it can also cause you headaches. Furthermore, if the filter is not cleaned regularly, you can also deal with some sort of allergies, which is exactly what you need to avoid during pregnancy. Therefore, a tower fan would be a better solution. A device like this will create a very pleasant breeze in the room where you choose to place it, and you will certainly feel very comfortable at all times. Furthermore, due to the fact that these units are portable and lightweight, you can move them with ease from your living room to your bedroom, for example. Keep in mind to look for a unit that operates quietly so that you can run it while you sleep as well, without being disturbed.

You must keep the curtains closed during the day

You definitely know that the sunlight can make a home really hot, and this is exactly what you must avoid, especially if you are pregnant. You can do this by keeping your curtains closed during the day. It is highly recommended to have thick curtains so that the sun doesn’t heat up your house at all. By doing so, you will see that you will have a pleasant temperature in your entire home, and you will not have any sort of problems with your pregnancy.

Open the windows for fresh air only in the morning and late evening

You will obviously need fresh air in order to feel comfortable. For that you will need to open the windows in your home, but you must do it only in the morning and late evenings when outdoors is not as warm as it is during the day. By doing so, you will have fresh air in your house, so that you breathe with ease, and enjoy a good night’s sleep as well.

Avoid using the cooker too often

This is one of the most important summer pregnancy survival tips, which you must definitely avoid, in order to make sure you feel comfortable and not hot in your home. If you use the cooker when it is very hot outdoors, you will actually manage to create a sauna effect in your kitchen, and this can make you feel sick, and in some cases, it can make you faint. Therefore, you must avoid this, and you can do it by using as rare as you can the cooker. Instead, you should go for salads, and other foods that can be prepared in the microwave oven, for example. You have plenty of other options, which will not affect your pregnancy at all.

Hydrate properly

It is very important to hydrate yourself properly every day. You must drink around 3 liters of water per day, and it is highly recommended to go for still water, rather the sparkling one, which can make you feel sick. Sugared drinks and coffee must be avoided at all times, in order to protect your baby’s health and yours as well.

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