How to Organize a Fun Tween Birthday Party

The tween period is probably one of the most pleasant childhood stages. It’s the time when children are still playful and full of energy, but they are starting to create friendships and relationships. Furthermore, as a parent, you still have a few good years until the teen period, when you will forever be labeled as old and uncool. Fortunately, in the tween period, parents are still cool, and they are even cooler when they plan an amazing birthday party. Therefore, if your kid’s birthday is coming up, we have a few suggestions for helping you plan an amazing event.

Choose a theme and matching activities

Nowadays, a party doesn’t even count if it doesn’t have a theme. Color themes are totally outdated and utterly boring, so don’t even think about them. Here are some more modern and interactive themes:

  • For girls: In the tween years, girls have put the princess phase behind them. However, some grown-up girly themes, such as Fashion Show or Make-Up Extravaganza will probably be very popular.

  • For boys: While superhero themes can seem a little childish, a tween boy might like a SF theme, or more specifically a Star Wars theme, if he happens to be a fan. An army theme can also be fun, especially if you pair it up with some cool activities like the capture the flag game or paintball.

  • Mixed: If your kid will have mixed guests, try a more neutral theme. For example, a Glow in the Dark theme can be very fun. You will need a lot of glowing or neon props for the party, but it will make for a memorable experience. We suggest extending the party outdoors and pairing it up with the Redux Capture the Flag game. Its a fun game that follows the same rules as the classic Capture the Flag game, but it comes with special glowing equipment, so that it can be played in the dark. It is the perfect activity for a Glow in the Dark Party.

Turn it into a sleepover

This will make the party more challenging for you as a parent, as it will extend your chaperon activities until the next morning. However, sleepover parties are very fun for kids, who rarely get to sleep outside their homes. Make sure to get sleeping bags for everybody, get a fun movie to play before bedtime and don’t forget the popcorn. It would be wise for you to spend the night in the next room, in order to make sure that the kids won’t rampage your home during the night.