Healthy Snacks that Kids Can Prepare by Themselves

Instead of running to the store and buying unhealthy snacks packed with salt and sugar, your little ones could enjoy healthy and tasty snacks that offer them plenty of nutrients. If you add to that the fact that some snacks are so simple that kids can make them themselves, you will have the perfect ideas. Here are few of the healthy snacks that kids can prepare themselves and enjoy anytime.
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Fast pizza

With some bread slices, some cheese, and some chicken breast, your kids can make tasty mini pizzas for them and their friends. Teach your kids how to use the microwave and they can easily prepare this delicious and healthy snack. Simply garnish the bread slices with anything you like, spread cheese on top and toss them in the microwave oven until brown. There are a lot of other foods that kids can safely prepare in the microwave. If you don’t have a microwave, you should study the Sunbeam sgdj901 ratings and invest in this amazing oven. It is great especially if you are a working mum and you are not always home to prepare or even heat the food for the kids. According to the Sunbeam sgdj901 ratings and reviews, this oven is very easy to use, which makes it great for kids. As an added bonus, this microwave oven is one of the cheapest models available.

Ice cream

If your kids are craving for ice cream, they can make one themselves using only fresh and healthy ingredients. By mixing their favorite yogurt with delicious fruits like bananas, berries, or cherries, they can make a healthy snack just perfect or a summer day. The mixture goes into the freezer and it can be enjoyed in a couple of hours.
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Fruit skewers

With only a little skills at handling the knife without hurting their fingers, your kids can prepare some delicious fruit skewers. Or, you can cut the fruits and let them assemble the skewers to prevent accidents. You can basically use any type of fruit and they can combine them any way they like.


Using the food processor, kids can make great smoothies that will provide them with plenty of vitamins, proteins, and fibers that are essential for a proper growth. Teach them how to blend fruits and milk into delicious beverages that can be served for breakfast or as a lunch snack.

Greek dip

Some yogurt mixed with dill can become a great dip for kids to enjoy as a snack, plus it’s so easy to make it will be ready in a second. Serve the dip wit some cucumber and carrot sticks to complete the healthy snack.
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Guacamole is so easy to make that your kids will love preparing it themselves. All they will need is a ripe avocado, some garlic, a small tomato, basil, and olive oil. All the ingredients go in the same bowl and squashed with a fork or blended in the food processor. The resulted paste can be eaten on a slice of bread or with some delicious tortilla chips.