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Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids on a Rainy Day

Nothing is more depressing for your toddler as a rainy day. For your child, a rainy day can be extremely sad and boring if you don’t plan any interesting activities for them. Make them feel good indoors, and the day will pass unnoticed. We have gathered for you some fun indoor games to play with your kids on a rainy day which will inspire you to please them.

Solve a puzzle together

Kids love puzzles. Buy a big puzzle for your children with their favorite characters or for teaching purposes. Put it on a table or sit on the floor with the kids and try to solve the “mystery” of the puzzle pieces. It will certainly be a family time where the grownups and little ones will work and have fun together.

Puppet theater at home

Remember when you were little and you couldn’t wait to go with your grandparents or parents at the puppet theater? You should build a puppet theater for your kids at home and involve them in this activity. Place the scene and choose the puppets. Call them backstage and create with them some roles that the puppets must interpret. Moreover, you can make a shadow puppet theater. From a cardboard box, you can make easy shadow puppets and help your kids put on their own puppet show. Create a front panel from a piece of tissue paper and position a lamp behind it. Place the shadows between the screen and the light and use a fairy tale rhyme as inspiration. This is a fun activity and you will be surprised to discover some of your kids’ new abilities.
Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids on a Rainy Day3


Usually, kids love to play bowling and other sports because they have a competitive spirit. You can turn your house into a bowling championship by using just a few elements. If you don’t have the bowling equipment in your house, you can ask the little ones to help you improvise. Fill some small plastic bottles with water and use a small ball to knock‘em down. Remember to make a large table where you keep score and prepare a surprise prize for the winner.
Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids on a Rainy Day3


Surely your toddler loves to sing and dreams of celebrity. You can search several popular children’s songs without lyrics, just the negative. If you don’t have a toy microphone in the house, you can improvise, using a similar object. Everything must seem real.
Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids on a Rainy Day3
That’s why you should place a stage by using a small table or even the bed on which you can put a blanket or a colorful scarf to substitute the red carpet. You must record them and over the years, you will remember fondly the times when you made this record box.