7 Clever Ways to Preserve Meat Without Refrigeration

Believe it or not, in today’s age, you can live without a refrigerator. Long gone are the days when you had to struggle to fit everything in the fridge and pay an extortionate amount on the electricity bill due to the power usage. After all, you have to be prepared to know what to do in case of a natural disaster. With everything happening recently, you can take a quick look through the informative guide below.

Today, this article will teach you how to preserve food without the need for refrigeration. Thankfully, you don’t need any special skills to keep the meat safe to eat. So, let’s take a look at smart ways numerous people have adapted.

No. 1 – Canning

This process is one of the most popular choices because it’s so practical and straightforward to do. When talking about canning the meat, we are referring to preserving the food through airtight containers like jars and cans. If the process is done correctly, the meat has a shelf life of up to two years. Therefore, in case of an emergency, this is one of the best choices you have.

Very similar to canning is vacuum sealing, this newer method being a more suitable option for meat preservation as it eliminates the effects of bacteria through the complete removal of oxygen from the environment. Using the best vacuum sealer machine you pull out all the air from the bag in which the meat is deposited, slowing down the spoilage process by up to 2-3 years. Aside from the obvious preservation benefit, it helps save storage space so that you can put more foods aside for later consumption.

No. 2 – Smoking

Just because it’s old, it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer useful. Smoking the meat has been used for centuries because it works. The reason for this is because you don’t have to use individual machines to smoke the meat. If you’re thinking of doing it manually, the meat can turn out tasty and of good quality. Thus, you can keep everyone you love healthy and full.

People all over the world have found different ways to smoke meat. People no longer do it for preservation, but rather for taste. There are several benefits for using this method, such as:

  • Smoking will kill the bacteria, and it slows down the process of other contaminants trying to form
  • It enhances the smell and taste of the meat to make it more delicious
  • It prevents the fat from gathering a stale taste, and it prevents the mold from settling in

If you choose this method, you have to understand that it may take some time to do it properly. In addition to this, in the beginning, it will require your full attention. For example, you don’t want the fire to become a hazard for the ones you love. However, once you’ve mastered this process, you will have great-tasting meat, loved by everyone.

No. 3 – Curing

This method is another choice used for thousands of years by people all over the world. Curing is so old that it appears in the Ancient Roman’s transcripts, maintaining its popularity through the ages as it is a simple preservation method even first-timers are sure to ace.

Did you know that to make bacon, you have to cure the meat? Sometimes called (salting), will make the meat last for many years without the help of a refrigerator. To do this process correctly, you have to take the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Cut and remove as much fat as possible from the meat. This action will prevent the meat from developing mold or a bad taste.
  • Step 2 – Rub as much salt as possible to cover the whole meat. If you wish, you can rub it with spices of your own choice as well. Ensure that the meat is completely covered.
  • Step 3 – Keep the meat in a cool place for at least a week in the beginning. The ideal situation is to prevent it from direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place rather than a freezing one.
  • Step 4 – Rinse all of the salt and other mixes off the meat with lukewarm water. Finally, tightly wrap the meat in a cloth or a cheesecloth. Serve within three months.

One of the main benefits of this method is the fact that numerous recipes are online. Thus, you can make the meat according to your likes and preferences.

No. 4 – Dehydrating

Similarly to vegetables, meat can be dehydrated too. The reason why this method is widely used all over the world is that it’s incredibly healthy. What you will have to do is to dry the meat by applying heat. You may know that jerky is one of the most recognizable meats that use this method.

We recommend that you do it for yourself as the store-bought jerky can contain numerous chemicals and harmful preservatives. After all, when you do it yourself, it tastes much better than the commercialized ones.

Just like the curing method, you will have to cut out all of the fat from the meat. Then, cut thin slices to ensure that they get cooked properly. Best of all, you can choose to use numerous heat sources like ovens, dehydrators, fire, charcoal grills.

No. 5 – Storing In Lard

In case you’re using an animal with a lot of fat, you should consider this method as your best option. One of the main advantages of this method is the fact that you can use both raw and cooked meat. Thus, you can appeal to the preferences of all people in the family.

Even though the lard comes from animal fat, it will stop the bacteria and mold from forming on the meat. Additionally, a thick layer of grease will prevent the air from getting to it. The reason why it’s so common is that this is one of the cheapest methods.

No. 6 – Brining

The mixture of water, brown sugar, and salt is the perfect combination to keep the meat adequately preserved. Even though it’s not common, we have included this method because it’s simple to accomplish. You don’t need to have a chef’s skills to do this method correctly. All that you need is time. Usually, the process takes up to one month or more if it’s kept at room temperature.

The reason why it works is that it uses similar action to salting. The salt in the mixture will be able to get into the meat to stop bacteria growth. What is different is the water that keeps the meat moist.

No. 7 – Rillette

This option can be a meal on its own. Rillette requires you to take the meat apart and chop it up as much as you can. Then, you will have to salt each piece and cook it properly. The secret is to cook it in its fat until you notice that the meat can be shredded. Wait for the meat to be cooled until it has formed a paste.

Place it in jars and tighten the lid properly for air to not protrude and inevitably cause it to spoil. When you want to eat, spread the meat over some bread and add whatever herbs and spices you wish.