Beachside Therapy for Modern Stress-Filled People

Stress is all around us, and, depending on what causes it has, it might influence us, as well as our behavior, to some degree. While there is a multitude of reasons why stress appears, it is important to know that it can be diminished. Therefore, no matter how endless the situation might seem, it does have an end, and it’s up to you to put a stop to it before it grows into a bigger problem.

So, what can you do? It’s quite simple, really – spend more time in the sun. It’s such a simple solution that many overlook it, or never think about it. There are several benefits sun exposure provides, freely, at any given time, so why not take advantage of them to stay healthy?

Sun Exposure Benefits

  • Vitamin D
    Everyone has heard, at least once as children, that spending time in the sun helps with the production of Vitamin D. It is extremely important to keep it at a normal level, as its presence ensures that your body will be able to accumulate other essential nutrients like calcium, and phosphorus. Not only can these nutrients prevent certain diseases, but they also help your body strengthen its defenses in the long run. Moreover, calcium is important for healthy bone development, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Enhanced Brain Activity
    With age, our brain starts deteriorating, leading, in some cases, to mental problems. Sun exposure can prevent this deterioration from happening prematurely, even diminishing its effects on the brain cells in the long run. Moreover, it can help improve concentration as well as relieving headaches.
  • Serotonin
    You’ve probably noticed by now that once the light time during the day diminishes, as summer turns to winter, you’re not as happy as you used to be. While there might be no external reasons for this change, the level of serotonin from your brain, gets lower. This, leads to winter depression, as well as seasonal afflictions. Sun exposure is directly linked to the serotonin synthesis in the brain. Not only does it provide you with a mood boost, but it also helps keep your skin and hair healthy and shiny.
  • Reduced Sleeping Problems
    There days when you are unable to find the power to get up, and start your day, right? While there are several reasons for your lack of energy, sun rays are a unanimous solution to them. Spending a few moments basking in the morning sunlight will help your body reset its internal clock. By doing so daily, you will have a more profound and healthy sleep, while promoting high energy levels in the morning.

While there are several benefits to sun exposure, it will do you no good if you remain cooped up in your house all day long. Sure, there might be small breaks, when you can ‘sneak a few sun rays’ here and there, but the best way to recharge your ‘sun battery’ is by going to the beach. You might be wondering why is it important to go to the beach if you can lay in the sun in your backyard. Well, there’s nothing more rewarding after a hard week, than feeling the sand, listening to the waves and scenting the ocean.

Additionally, while you might not be aware of them, several factors contribute to your enhanced good mood. Colors, sounds, as well as scents, provide you with the stress-less environment you need to leave behind the modern world’s stressful events. So, what exactly helps you relax when you’re spending time at the beach?

Beach-time Benefits

  • The Ocean
    Did you know that the ocean smell helps calm your mind as well as improves your breathing? It’s thanks to the negative ions you breathe. Even more, its blue color is instantly associated by your brain with peace and calm, therefore it will switch your mindset to a more relaxed state. Staring at the ocean will put you into a meditative state which will, in turn, reduce your anxiety and stress.  But you don’t necessarily have to stand on land to relax. You can go for a swim, which will help relieve aching muscles, as well as enhance your coordination. If you’d rather combine the sun and water without exercising too much, but instead focusing on meditating, then you can try stand-up paddleboarding. SUP yoga is another activity that is sure to help relieve stress and serve as therapy for both the mind and the body. To practice it, use the right size board as seen in the guide developed by experts at StandupPaddleSupply so that you can maintain balance without much hassle and rather focus on the poses instead of on not falling in the water.If you’re feeling confident in your skills and balance, you can try surfing, just be aware that it is quite a challenging activity as it engages your core and abdominal muscles. No matter how you decide to enjoy the ocean, it will help you relax and get rid of your stress.
  • The Sand
    Walking barefoot on the sand is also a way to help you relax. It connects you directly with nature while making sure to stimulate the pressure points found in your sole. Therefore, you’ll be able to benefit from a free reflexotherapy session. Not only will it relax you, but, according to Chinese medicine, it can even reduce some ailing symptoms.
  • People
    Everyone is empathic to a certain degree, and while you might not be aware of it, you are influenced by other people’s moods. The beach is a place where everyone has fun; therefore, the overall mood is good. So, by spending time surrounded by happy and relaxed people, you too will be able to relax and have a great time.


In a nutshell, whenever you feel like your daily life turns too stressful, plan a trip to your local beachside. Make sure you spend time basking in the sunrays, letting it work its magic on your mental state, mood, and body. Also, to cool down, you can always take a dip in the blue ocean. It will improve your mood, as well as help you relax and provide you with a good disposition for several days to come.