3 Reasons to Start Knitting

Knitting is an activity with an old history. It derived out of people’s need to make their own clothes. Nowadays, clothes are cheap to buy, which is why few people still perform this activity. In fact, knitting is often associated with older women. However, there are also a lot of young people who knit, both men and women, and believe it or not, knitting has numerous advantages. If you need more convincing to pick up the needles, here are 3 inspiring reasons why you should start knitting.

1. It is very relaxing and rewarding

More and more people complain about stress and tiredness, and some turn to different recreational activities in order to relieve stress. Well you will be surprised to know that knitting can be as relaxing as meditation, or coloring. The rhythmic motions of this activity can put one’s mind at ease and they induce a state of utter relaxation. Moreover, it also induces a feeling of control, and it is also very rewarding, which makes this activity perfect for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is a great way to relax and also feel some self worth.

2. It helps you make quality clothes

As we already said, clothes are very cheap nowadays, but the reason they are so cheap is because they are of poor quality. They are made with synthetic fabrics, they are not durable, and they have a poor tailoring. Few people nowadays can afford to buy clothes made of natural fabrics such as silk. However, a silk yarn is quite affordable, and easy to work with. You can use silk yarn to make sweaters, hats, scarfs and any other piece of clothing that you need. Moreover, you can design something that suits your exact body measurements.

3. It’s good for your brain

Have you ever noticed how seniors have such a great memory? Whenever they tell a story, they always remember the year when it happened. On the other side, most young people nowadays have a very short attention span and can’t even remember what they did yesterday. Well, it turns out that the activities that the previous generation did were a lot better for the well being of their brains. Knitting, as well as crocheting, are two activities which stimulate the whole brain at once. They require attention and planning, they drive you to process sensory and visual information, they require precision and they stimulate your memory. As such, both knitting and crocheting have been shown to prevent mild cognitive impairments, to improve the memory and to prevent cognitive decline.